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Your workplace moves at a mile a minute, but a lost, stolen or inaccessible key can severely inhibit productivity. Key loss is a costly security risk and a major headache, making Key Control an essential provision for any facility with assets in need of safekeeping. KEYCODEBOX’s Electronic Key Control systems offer the smart and affordable solution to all your Key Control needs. Remote-access lets administrators generate audit trails instantly to review and share. Know for certain which keys are accessed, when they’re accessed, and by whom. The ideal key storage solution for Fleet and Motor Pool, G.E.M. Facilities, Lodging, Hospitality, Corrections, Property Management and any other asset management need.

What Is Key Control?

Key Control refers to any key management system that also protects your keys and assets against loss, theft, duplication or access by an unauthorized user. Investigating and replacing lost keys and compromised locks is an enormous cost and a stressful risk for any business. Therefore, a steadfast Key Control system is critical to every facility in which access to vehicles, specialty tools, lockers, and/or a personal or restricted area needs to be managed with ease and total security.

Whereas Key Control is traditionally managed on-site by designated staff, KEYCODEBOX automated key cabinet systems give you complete authority over key access from your PC or mobile device. Know with absolute confidence when and by whom your keys and assets are accessed, save huge on loss and replacement costs, and eliminate unnecessary personnel from your payroll!

Easy and secure key storage with electronic access control for Fleet, Hospitality, and Facilities key management

Why Electronic Key Control?

Electronic Key Control systems are the practical and cost-efficient solution to managing valuable assets at your business. Why hire additional personnel to manage Key Control when the KeyCodeBox Electronic Key Control Cabinet does it faster, better, and at a mere fraction of the cost?


KeyCodeBox’s Electronic Key Control Cabinets are designed for flexibility and integration -providing an intelligent Key Control solution for your specific industry needs. The modular design is equipped with an ergonomic user-interface, interoperable software and up to 64 asset compartments per unit. All KeyCodeBox key management systems are scalable, so you are kept safe and satisfied as your company and security needs evolve.

Our robust electronic key management systems are loaded with cutting edge administrative functions and back-end management tools, allowing you to remotely manage, track and share all key access activity at any moment you choose.

Fully automated and effectively maintenance-free,KeyCodeBox’s Key Control Cabinets are the smartest way to achieve total key security. Managers who use electronic key management have command over every single key and asset, 24 hours a day.

An essential service for Government, Educational, and Medical facilities, Motor Pool, Fleet management, Specialty Equipment and Machinery management, Casino and Gaming, Real Estate and Property management, Auto Sales and Rental, Correctional facilities, Healthcare and Retirement facilities, Storage facilities, Corporate Offices and Centers, Control Rooms and Restricted-Access Areas, Lodging and Hospitality, Multi-Family Buildings, Student Housing, and much more!

How The KeyCodeBox Electronic Key Control Cabinet Works

Simple. Efficient. Extremely convenient.

The Electronic Key Control Cabinet permits key access through a variety of user identification Access Control options. Magnetic stripe reader, barcode reader and PIN code access make it a cinch for the right employee to quickly retrieve the right key. For maximum security, abolish the risk of identity fraud and password sharing with Multiple Signature and biometric scanner Access Control.

The key cabinet’s self-explanatory asset management software is so easy to grasp, your employees will have the new routine down pat with little to no training time required. To retrieve or return their assigned keys, staff simply input their user credentials and the respective key boxes automatically unlock. It’s that straightforward: no more paper receipts to keep track of, no more human error during transactions, no more lost or misplaced keys!

Administrators can instantly create thousands of User ID codes, reserve keys by time and/or user(s), review audit trails, and automatically email or text periodic reports to related parties.KeyCodeBox’s Electronic Key Cabinet systems guarantee your absolute control over key access.

All “loading” and “dispensing” events are recorded with the date, time and user name. You can assess and share these audit trails at any time, either on-site or remotely from your PC or mobile device. Event data can be imported directly into Excel or other spreadsheet software, so managers can be certain of who had which key, when they accessed it, and for how long.

Our innovative engineering makes installation fast and stress-free.KeyCodeBox Key Cabinets are operable from any standard outlet in your facility, available with either a wall mount or pedestal mount.

Your security is our highest priority, that’s why The Electronic Key Control Cabinet has essential emergency provisions to protect your assets and keep daily operations on track. All key boxes are outfitted with an powder-coated steel door to deny visibility of the key box contents, and equipped with an individual electronic door lock mechanism. Backup power supply and manual emergency door release allow your staff to continue their work as usual in the event of a power surge or failure.

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Remote Access Asset Management Software

The advanced software inKeyCodeBox’s Electronic Control Cabinet provides intuitive data analysis options. Our programming team will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you are able to reap the full benefits of your remote access software capabilities.

Our software is interoperable with almost all computer systems you may already employ at your facility, simplifying set-up and providing prudent flexibility for your business’s future expansion. Network connection can be established through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Administrators can create thousands of individual User IDs for any given key cabinet system. Security clearance levels are assigned to each user, and enforced via your preference of Access Control device. With unlimited interface language settings, every staff member is guaranteed clear and fast access to their assigned asset compartments.

When your staff retrieve and return keys activity reports are automatically generated at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals to save you valuable time and effort throughout your daily routine. Audit trails can be imported into Excel or other spreadsheet software as a .CVS file. In the event of an unreturned key, self-activating email and text message notifications allow you to identify the responsible employee, resolve the issue and get your staff back to work immediately.

Easy to Use & Easy On The Eyes

The modern design of KeyCodeBox’s electronic key management cabinet is both compact and versatile, optimizing wall space and providing accessibility to all key users. You can mount your key cabinet system directly to the wall to conserve work space, or accelerate workflow by securing it on a pedestal in the most advantageous location of your facility.

Built with wear resistant, cold-rolled steel to withstand damage, the resilient Electronic Key Control Cabinet offers protection against attempted theft and tampering. You can rest easy knowing each key is secured behind its own steel, locking door.

The basic, user-friendly interface makes Key Control faster and more intuitive than ever before. Bright, high-contrast display screens ensure visibility night and day, even in darkly lit areas of your facility. Available with easy-to-read LCD and/or touch screen monitor display. Promote your business and increase brand visibility by adorning the front panel of your Electronic Key Control Cabinet with customizable vinyl graphics.

User Identification Options

To identify authorized users, The Electronic Key Control Cabinet can be configured to support any Access Control device you choose, making accessing keys fast and simple while providing total security against unauthorized access and theft.

To best suit your specific industry needs and security requirements, choose from barcode reader, magnetic stripe, PIN key pad, and/or biometric user identification devices.KeyCodeBox’s key management cabinet systems are fully integrable, ensuring compatibility with any Access Control device that your business may demand. Keys in need of heightened security can be protected by Multiple Signature access control, a combination of as many user ID codes and Access Control devices as necessary.

The Ideal Solution For All Asset Control

Key Control is an integral service for any business or institution with assets, vehicles, specialty equipment, or restricted areas in need of protection and efficient access management. Additionally, Key Cabinets aren’t just for keys anymore! Whatever your business may be, The Electronic Key Control Cabinet provides the most pragmatic and affordable Key Control solution.

Auto Sales and Rental
  • Allow your customers to pick-up and drop-off vehicles at any time, day or night
  • Automatically dispense keys to your salesmen and clients without third-party intervention
Motor Pool and Fleet Management
  • Know who is using every car or truck and for how long
  • Identify slow drivers
  • Reserve vehicles remotely
  • Ensure employee honesty: hold drivers accountable for vehicle damage and unauthorized milage
  • Instantly generate and share audit trails and key inventory reports, either remotely or on-site
Machinery and Specialty Equipment Management
  • Control access to equipment and storage lockers
  • Streamline workflow by automatically managing specialty tools and machinery
Restricted Areas and Control Rooms
  • Control door access to privileged areas
  • Prevent lost keys by keeping them secured on premises
  • Increase security when dealing with third party service providers and contractors such as custodial, transportation, and maintenance services
  • Make certain that privileged information is only accessible to the authorized individuals
Lodging and Hospitality Management
  • Allow guests to access their rooms at their convenience, even if your office is closed
  • Make sure no one gets locked out after-hours by making extra room keys readily available
  • Allow guest to check-out at any time they choose
Housing Management and Multi-Family Homes
  • Ensure that every tenet has 24 hour access to their keys without requiring support or disrupting their neighbors
  • Circumvent redundant Key Control tasks and personnel
Storage Facility Management
  • Allow your clients to access their storage units at their convenience
  • Protect your clients’ valuable belongings from theft
G.E.M. (Government, Educational, Medical) Facilities Management
  • Secure sensitive items such as prescription medication and small electronic devices
  • Control access into and within your facility
  • Make sure every key and asset is accounted for in times of emergency
  • Eliminate lost keys between departments
Real Estate and Property Management
  • Allow potential clients easy access to property showings and open houses
  • Ensure construction and maintenance contractors have access to your development
Gaming and Casino Management
  • Control door access to restricted areas within your establishment
  • Control depository, cash tray, and ATM access
Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities Management
  • Control ingress and track activity within sensitive areas of your facility, such as evidence rooms, weapons lockers, storage cabinets, motor pools and more
  • Have every key accounted for in events of lockdowns and emergencies
  • Save money and conserve valuable time and labor with automated Key Control